We all have those days where we struggle with our make -up or have no time for doing it up perfectly. Then, there are days when we are too lazy for it. This article gives you some make up hacks that are perfect for such days. You will be amazed at the amount of time, money, and energy trying these hacks will save you!



do you struggle to create that perfect winged line on your eyelids? Take the help of a spoon! Hold the stem of the spoon to draw the straight line. Flip the spoon and use the rounded edge to create that perfect curved wing.


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There’s no need to use fake eye lashes any more! Just dust translucent powder on your eyelashes before applying your mascara, and it provides the illusion of fuller lashes.



Do you often miss out on all the fun at a party because you are stuck in the restroom, reapplying your lipstick? Fret no more !Dust translucent powder over your lips to set the lipstick, and make it last longer.


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Always wanted a bigger eyes? Want to hide how tired and hungover you are ? Make your eyes pop, by applying white or beige eye pencil on your waterline.



Purchased a foundation that is too dark or too light for you? Well, there is no need for a second trip to the store and spending some more money. Just add moisturizer to the darker foundation to make it lighter and add a little bronzer to the lighter foundation to make it darker. And VOILA! You’re all good to go.



Make-up remover too expensive for you? Relax, use almond oil instead, to remove your make-up. It works beautifully, and you will be moisturizing your skin in the process, too.


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Want smokey eyes, but don’t have the time or patience they demand? Draw hashtags on either corner of your eyes, and blend them in well. There you go! Bold and beautifully smoky eyes, with very little effort.



Do colorful eye shadows not look as bright on you as you want them to be? No issues! Prime your eyes with white eye liner first, and then apply the eye shadow over it. See how bright the eye shadow looks now!





Dandiya nights are a rage during this 9-day festival. Women put in a lot of efforts and not to forget money to look their best while they shake their legs. However, Mumbai’s hot and humid climate takes a toll on all the fun you are planning to have? Moreover, the zeal and enthusiasm while dancing to the beats of the Dandiya DJ, you are ought to sweat out like anything, ruining your makeup, dress and over all look. Sounds dread full, isn’t it?


Well, it does but it’s a fact, an undeniable fact. No matter what amount of water you drink to stay hydrated, the climate will do the intended impairment. Here are some tips to beat the heat and ensure your makeup stays put for long hours in Navratri. All you need to do is carefully follow these tips and enjoy yourself to the core without having to worry about your looks.

1. Priming is the key:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

Beauties with oily skin are the ones who suffer the most with makeup issues. Mumbai’s climate can prove as a great deal of nemesis when you are all decked for any outdoor function. So, all you ladies out there make sure you prime your face thoroughly before putting on any make up. Don’t forget your eyes, as nothing looks worse than a smudged eye makeup.

2. Use water based products:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

To prevent melting up of your makeup, make sure you opt for water based products. Use foundations and concealers that easily blend up with your skin and don’t look cakey. Blend your foundation easily using a sponge, brush or your fingers to ensure every part of your face and neck is evenly covered. If you have a dry skin, moisturize your face with a good cream moisturizer to avoid dry patchy look and the ones with oily skin can blend the foundation with water to prevent excessive oiliness.

3. Long lasting eye makeup:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

Eye makeups are the most highlighting aspect of any festival look. Also not to forget the fact that, eye makeup, if not done with proper care can ruin your look easily. If you aim at having a long lasting makeup for your eyes, then prefer cream eye shadows over powder ones. They not just stay longer but are highly pigmented as well. If you prefer handy using powder eye shadows then apply it using a wet eye shadow brush.

4. Water proof eye liners and Kohls:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

Now that your eye makeup is taken care of, remember to choose a smudge proof and water proof eye liner. If you have oily eye lids and don’t want to end up looking like a panda, prefer smudge proofs kohls. The ideal alternative to kohls can be gel liners, they are not only easy to apply but have mighty staying power. Gel liners from brands, such as Maybelline, Loreal and Mac are worthINVESTING this festive season.

5. Say no to creamy blushes:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

Blushes add life to the apples of your cheeks. But if you aim at sweat proof makeup then opt for a powder blush over the creamy ones. It’s true that cream blushes are easy to blend and doesn’t look gaudy, but they also carry the risk of meting away with the sweat, making you look horrible at the end of the day. You can always apply a cream blush and cover it off with a powder blush to increase its staying power.

6. Mattify your lips:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

Matt lipsticks have longer staying power as compared to the Glossy ones. Always moisturize your lips with lip balms before you apply matt lipsticks, you will be saved the agony of flaky lips. To increae the staying power of your lipstick, first apply one coat dab some translucent powder over it and pat it off with a tissue. Now apply two or three coats of lipstick over it. This will keep your lipstick stay as put the whole night.

7. Finish it off with Translucent Powder:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

After you have completed your makeup always keep it mind to give a finishing touch with translucent powder. The powder will not only instantly mattify the look, but will also preventEXCESS SWEAT.

8. Cool it off with ice:

Navratri Makeup tips: Keep your make up sweat proof with 8 easy steps

Always remember to apply ice pack over your complete face once you have completed the whole makeup. Cover every part of your face, including eyes, neck and lips. Once completed pat off your face with a tissue paper and TADA you are all done and ready to hit the dance floor.

Note: Prefer having your hair tied up into a bun or braid to keep it off your face. This will not only keep your hair perfect throughout the night but will also beat the heat and prevent sweating.




To all the ladies out there who are prepping themselves for the upcoming festivities,this article would be of great help.

Ladies, you would have a closet full of exquisite ethnic wear,but if you’re washing them all the very same way, you may end up cutting their lives short.That would be the worst NIGHTMARE for all the women out there.

you would have heaps of beautiful kurtas in your closets but if you do not take proper care of them which is required, you may end up having nothing to wear on the eve of festivities. This is so because, ethnic wear, especially KURTAS need more care than you would possibly imagine. while there are different kinds of kurtas, washing them all in the same manner is not a good idea.

cotton kurtas are low maintenance and can be simply piled into the washing machine. although, follow the thumb rule of separating colours before you start the washing cycle. Dont mix dark colours and pristine whites.

Festive occasions demand you to shine bright in your ethnic robes. While kurtas with sequins, zardosi work and embellishments make for great photo-ops, washing them can be tricky. It’s best to leave the work to the professionals- simply pack your embellished kurtas to the dry-cleaners. If you must wash them at home, turn them inside out and gently wash with your hands in cold water.

Ideally, silk kurtas should only be dry- cleaned. However, it may not be possibly to spend a bomb on their maintenance every time. We suggest you hand wash your silks in cold water. A mild detergent or a gentle shampoo should work best. A word of caution: never wring out silks to dry! Instead roll the item up in a towel and gently press the water out.

You may live in your comfy polyester kurtasbut it’s important to know about their maintenance. They can be easily machine-washed and air dried. However, add fabric softener because polyester is prone to static cling. While this fabric is low on maintenance otherwise, it does lock stains. Rub stain remover on the area and allow it to sit for 10-20 minutes before laundering.

Ethnic wear dipped in natural dyes brings out a rustic vibe. However, these kurtas bleed out and can ruin the rest of your clothes if washed together. Wash these kurtas separately in cold water and air dry. If there are patches of prints on them, it’s advised to turn them inside out while ironing.

How to Look Stylish This Raksha Bandhan


raksha bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of carnival spirit that fosters and strengthens the chaste bond of love among siblings. In India, this auspicious festival is celebrated every year to propagate the feeling of brotherhood and to invoke the feeling of trust and peaceful coexistence. Although the rituals and customs remain the same over time, but the gaieties have changed over the years. And so has the style of celebration.

Hone this Rakhi with Span Apparels’ contemporary yet stylish tips and make your occasion grand and ever memorable for your loved ones.

Auspicious & happy colors

Rakhi is a day festival, therefore the choice of colors should be auspicious, such as, orange, coral, bright yellow – all happy colors. For most of us, it would even be a working day. Therefore, choosing bright colors with light details would not only be easy to carry, but also boost up the festive mood throughout the day long.

Nine yards of sheer elegance

Nothing looks more elegant on an Indian woman than a saree! Sarees stitched together from different materials, draped differently could make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Heck out this traditional outfit with a bi-colored and exquisite georgette saree teamed with a shaded blouse with matching light-weighted modern accessories.

Simple and light colored salwar kameez/ kurti

A simple and light colored salwar kameez/ a kurti is an easy and smart choice to step out with your sibling for a shopping or to go to a fancy restaurant for a supper. The lovely details on your neck would keep your hemline short yet asymmetrical.

Cool Kaftans

If kurti/ salwar kameez are not your style, you would surely get to try the 3/4th sleeved light colored kaftans to give you a sassy and even dressy festive look. Kaftans are a way comfy, and gives an even earthly outlook.

Matchify with your siblings

In order to make your siblings feel really special, plan and try to match out the clothes with contrasting colors, style and even accessories. This would not only enhance the momentum of happiness among you and your siblings, but would also make the bond more strong and healthy.

Perfect dressy gifts for your siblings

On this special occasion, every girl would be on Cloud9 and excited about the bag of goodies they would receive from their brothers. Therefore, an ideal gift for the brother to give his sister could be a French chiffon saree or an elegant piece of anarkali.

Dupattas And Their Fashionable New Avatars


‘Hawa mein udta jaye mera lal dupatta malmal ka’ – the dupatta fashion has changed drastically in the past few years. Nowadays, a dupatta has become more than a mere piece of cover and cultural more, it has become a formula-defying fabric with designers experimenting with its patterns, shades, shape and size. It is both, a fashion statement as well as an adornment.

Dupatta has transformed the fashion statement with its innovative draping styles from the traditional outlook to the west-inspired contemporary silhouettes. Since most modern women highly prefer a fuss-free attire, the dupatta is now more often used as a contemporary accessory ensemble with its modified versions. You could easily find such dupattas on the runways and racks in various lengths and widths ranging from its original two meters to even four meters. It has totally transformed to fit into the changing fashion sensibilities.

Apart from its classic appeal with embroidery on the body or borders, with gota, or Parsi gara at the edges and latkans at the four corners in beads, shells, ghungroos and silk tassels, it also now doubles up as head gear, belt and sash. Also, apart from its usual rectangular shape, duppattas now also come in angular and asymmetrical forms. Then there are sheer dupattas that look extremely sensuous when worn with a heavily-embellished blouse or a figure-hugging top. Chiffon and georgette dupattas add elegance to simple kurtas. Then there are those who like to wear it with a pair of jeans, capris and palazzos.

Here are a few examples of draping avatars,

Bohemian Chic: It gives an absolutely modern and upbeat look with the dupatta being wrapped like a stole. It is the perfect version of bohemian chic for casual festive dressing. Also works best for semi-formal occasions like an office puja.

Bohemian Chic

Twisted Tale: Wrapping around the neck allows you to flaunt the detailing at the yoke. This look can be attained only in case of long-length dupattas.

Twsited Tale

Rustic Charm: This is a simple, delicate and functional knotted half-saree style drape which does justice to the heavily embellished traditional outfits. Lack of a border and simple edging allows you to twist and knot the dupatta, to create unusual design details in a plain fabric.

Rustic Charm

Angular Angel: The angular technique works beautifully, adding to a rustic old-world charm to the silhouette. Moreover, it diagonally divides the design and gives equal exposure to every ethnic ensemble.

Angular Angel

Shawl Style: This Spanish-style draping of dupatta over the shoulders, like a shawl, adds to a very contemporary essence. It highlights the mirror bustier blouse covering the heavy arms.

Shawl Style

Urban Twist: This draping of dupatta as a muffler, which is also belted, is modern and functional. Its formal yet casual vibe makes it workable even for office dressing.

Urban Twist

Cloak Queen: It works wonders for women having heavy arms. The cloak-style drape gracefully conceals the problem area, minus the chunkiness of full sleeves.

Cloak Queen

Mughal Avatar: Do you need jewels when the fabric can be beautifully-adorned and draped for maximum appeal? The elaborateness of an anarkali demands a heavily-embroidered dupatta, pleated and wrapped around the neck and left loose at the shoulder. It adds regal elegance to the Mughal suit.

Mughal Avatar

Belted Beauty: Accessorize to quirk up regular dressing and add fusion elements like waist belts and epaulettes attached to the blouse, to hold the dupatta and create a style statement of your own.

Belted Beauty 2

The dupatta is an integral element of both traditional as well contemporary ethnic festive trio. Make the best use of it and instantly upgrade your fashionable avatar.

10 Work Wear Options for Indian Women


office-wearA working woman in the Indian Corporate world who are nattily attired is no longer a rare spectacle. An increasing number of women in the professional world have a whole section of wardrobe collection altogether for office.

Here is a look at the following 10 options of work wear for the Indian working woman.

  1. One of the most popular work outfit seen particularly in major corporate is the combination of rich black pants along with a button down shirt. The button down shirt can be topped with a blazer to give yourself a sharper look.
  2. A pencil skirt, Button down shirt and sleek black pencil heels is another glamorous option for the working women. The button down shirt needs to be modest on the neckline and should preferably be tucked in.
  3. When discussing about the Indian working woman, ruling out the evergreen Salwar Suits cannot be an option. The essentials to remember while selecting a Salwar suit for work are a modest neckline, not very bright colors and simplistic prints. Though some offices allow these dresses only on specific days, it is worth having a place for it in your wardrobe.
  4. Some offices have a strict saree dress code and allow casuals only on weekends. The charm of Indian saree clad women at work has not gone unnoticed and is being practiced by many in the western countries too.
  5. working woman 1

  6. For knee length dresses, you can go for a subtle turquoise, deep red or an elegant black.Bright dress colors are not recommended.
  7. Khaki skirts have found a way into the wardrobes of many working women. The khaki skirts can be topped with dark navy blue blazers with a white tucked in shirt or just simply a button down shirt of a light color.
  8. On colder days, Cardigans with simple patterns like stripes or zigzags are more preferable. Loud prints and bright flashy colors are not suggested for the workplace. Cardigans can be worn with black, blue formal pants.
  9. Wrapped blouses and slacks is modern yet professional attire which can be worn for many occasions. The look is best complemented with mid heighted heels.
  10. Khaki pants and a mono color cardigan along with black pumps is also a great outfit worn to work. The look give a modern feel to the boring professional attire.
  11. A charcoal gray skirt topped up with a white shirt and a charcoal gray blazer is another sophisticated piece of attire you can consider wearing to work.

Fashion and trends always keep evolving and it is essential for you to keep up with the same. The essence of dressing for the working woman is to look professional while retaining the feminist charm. Surely the above options can help you to stock up your wardrobes correctly.

How to Look Gorgeous on This Eid


Eid Salwar Kameez

For the Muslim community, this July is the month of Ramzan and it will end with the festivities on Eid, which will be celebrated on 18th July in India. Let this Eid bring the most colorful, festive aura along with it. Not only that, let the festival enhance the cultural ethnicity and charge up the fashion quotient of all of us.

Are you still wondering how to dress youself up for the festive occation then here we have a few tips for you.

Light Weight

Eid 1A beautiful georgette Kaftan is an ideal Eid ethnic wear that is light & easy to carry to beat the summer hear. You could match it with a complimenting hijab in order to give a special feel to the festive season.


Eid 2A long summer print skirt with a matching stole or scarf, and a stylish clutch/ sling bag is the minimalist approach for a perfect Eid day outing. Moreover, to give a cool feeling in this summer heat, you could wear a comfy light shade tee and pants on the inside.


Eid 3The extravagant royal long anarkalis/ gorgeous A-line salwar kameez with intricate embroideries is the most perfect look for the Eid evening outing. There is no choice limit when it comes to being traditional in any corner of the world.

Ethnic Fusion

Eid 4Ethnic fusion is the most sought after trendy Eid ethnic attire that stands out of the crowd. You could wear a gorgeous aari embroidered silk jacket topped over a pair of jeans/ harems to look extremely fabulous and at the same time being comfortable.


Your gorgeous Eid wear is incomplete without accessories. You could compliment your stunning traditional Eid look with bangles & jhumka with a pair of stilettos gold metallic strap heel, carrying an elegant clutch to add wholeness to it. Likewise, you could wear light weighted pedant, bracelet with a sling bag to bring out the trendiness in you. Even add more colorful accessories, say your hijab pins, rings, etc. Be careful about the combination of the make-up that you use should match with the type of Eid wear. Prefer a light make-up to give yourself the charged-up look throughout the day.

Eid is all about spending quality time with your family and friends in a most ignited & delighted manner. Make this Eid most memorable with all bright colors and love. Help someone to dress up with our ‘being gorgeous’ tips and celebrate your Eid big.

Eid Mubarak to everyone from Team Span Apparels & stay blessed!